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E-Mail: necroze@olympus.ru
My path here on this planet has not been carved with white picket fences, pretty roses, or glistening sunlight beaming down upon me as I have moved from phase to phase of this current existence. My path has been filled with briars and thorns, dead roses, and dead people. For some... this path would be too difficult to continue. For others, they would cherish even a single day that they were able to walk along this path with me. I am the whisper in the depths of the night. I am the darkness at the end of the light. I am twilight. I am part of the world but never in it.
Remember, the most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul.
All my life I was into theology, religions, esoterism, occultism, mystic, psychology, OBE (out of body experience), NDE (near death experience), lucid dreaming, life after death and all that kind of stuff. So one day I've decided to arrange it in this Page. Feel free to join.